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Useful Files

Collection of some useful files, mostly for fighting spam and trolls.


/Documents contains some useful documents to use for different purposes
/Mastodon blocks contains blocklists for mastodon to keep your timeline clean
/Scripts contains scripts to use, in example the script to block whole ASN via iptables
.editorconfig Example editorconfig file
.gitignore Example gitignore file
.htaccess Example htaccess file Spamassassin ruleset to add points to toxic "artists" and declare them as spam
header_check.pcre Postfix header check to directly reject as spam declared emails from
adguard_filter.txt Filterset for AdGuard to remove the comment fields from news sites. We want newsand not unqualified comments
archive.ip.txt IP addresses used by and, if you want to block them
lemmy-slur_filter.hjson Lemmy slur filter regex to keep your Lemmy instance clean. Used on


  • Mastodon account and/or
  • Postfix installation with header checks and/or
  • Spamassassin


AdGuard Filter

Open the AdGuard settings, select Filters -> Custom -> Add custom filter
Enter the URL to the RAW output of adguard_filter.txt and follow the instructions

Mastodon blocklists

Goto Settings -> Import and export -> Import
Select the type you want to import with the dropdown and upload the file.


Copy to /etc/spamassassin/ and reload spamassassin


Copy header_check.pcre to /etc/postfix/filter/ and make sure, your postfix contains following line:

header_checks = pcre:/etc/postfix/filter/header_check.pcre


Fork this project and create pull requests or create an issue.